[Easy] Connectify Alternative for Ubuntu

BY Unknown - 03:10

Here are the methods to use your system as an wireless hot-spot and allow internet access to other devices via WiFi.
Depending upon the type of internet connection you have , here are the recipes to do the trick.
This method is tested and works on Ubuntu 12.04 or later.

1) Wireless Connection 

Step 1 : Go to System Settings. 

Step 2 : Under the Hardware Tab . Click Network. A new Window will popup as below.

Step 3 - Now on the left side chose Wireless you will see the Use as Hotspot on the bottom of the window.

Done !

2 ) Wired Connection 

Step 1 : Click on the network icon (top left) in the Ubuntu Desktop task bar.

Step 2 : Click on Create New Wireless Network .

Step 3 : Enter Network Name , Wirless Security and Password Fields  . Click Create.
 You are done !

Enjoy !


  1. Me created the hotspot before..am in ubuntu 13.04 ..i donno why my windows friends not able to connect to hot spot..
    Hotspot is listed in their wifi list when they tries to connect,it shows no password prompt and fails..after a few seconds a second accespoint with the same name appears in the list...when they connects to that its prompts for password key it shows password key error ..donno why..used many encryption systems..but still not working for them..

  2. Refresh and try again ! And change the Wireless Security Field to either None or WPA2 .

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